Gary Plummer

Born and bred in Galway City, on Ireland’s West Coast, which has a vibrant creative community, Gary first discovered the joys of painting and drawing in 2003. Initially self-taught, he went on to hone his artistic talents at Liverpool Community College in England. Pushing himself to higher levels of creative expression, he then entered into extensive studies at the National College of Art and Design in his native land. Living in Ireland, England, Australia and Canada, Gary’s travels have given him insight and inspiration to further his artistic stylings.

Gary is currently an active exhibiting gallery artist, and has displayed his work in Ireland (Dublin & Galway), Australia’s Gold Coast, England (London & Liverpool) as well as in his new home in Canada (Edmonton). He has also has had his work published internationally.

Versatility is the perfect adjective to describe Gary’s designs. Often using mixed-media in his pieces, he receives his inspiration from the people and landscapes that surround him.

Using the correlating relationship between photography and painting, Gary begins his creative process with an inspired photograph of his subject(s). This serves as a reference point for the initial drawing. After the original sketch has taken shape, Gary then discards the photograph and lets the piece develop organically — allowing his pieces to become distinct and unique paintings or illustrations.

When not designing, Gary enjoys spending time outdoors (hiking, swimming, camping…) with his partner and young son, all of which serve as inspiration for his creative works.